Who is LincPlus?

Established in 2018 by a passionate group of tech enthusiasts in Shenzhen, LincPlus has rapidly expanded into European and American markets, amassing a substantial fan base over six years. Embracing the ethos of "Link in community," we specialize in two product lines: LincStudio and LincStation.

Why Choose LincPlus?

At LincPlus, we hold technology in awe and embrace the spirit of art. With over 50% of team members dedicated to R&D, each item is treated as a masterpiece. Join us for a fusion of innovation and artistry.

Core Values

Challenging Tech Norms, Infusing Artistic Inspiration. We believe outstanding products aren't just tools; they are emotional expressions. At LincPlus, innovation, connection, passion, and art are the cornerstones, with each design reflecting a pursuit of profound artistry.
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